Dark Money
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Russian roulette? Tories are still accepting donations from Russia-associated donors

3 min read
The Good Law Project has uncovered that the Conservative Party has continued to accept large donations from individuals and companies associated with Russia since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine in February 2022.

Follow the money: Donations to Tories via Carlton Club raise questions of dark money influencing politics

3 min read
A company controlled by a wealthy donor, believed to be a major funder of the far right in Germany, has donated another £50,000 to the Carlton Club – which has, in turn, given £1.3m to the Conservative Party.

Shining a light on Tory dark money.

5 min read
In the next independence referendum campaign, the Conservatives and their anti-independence allies will flood Scotland with billboard campaigns and social media advertising paid for with dark money sourced outside Scotland.
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