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Why David Cameron’s past and present relations with China could be Rishi Sunak’s first big political headache of 2024

5 min read
David Cameron’s ties with China present challenges for the current UK Government. As Foreign Secretary, Cameron’s more dovish stance clashes with the party’s current China-sceptic position, creating internal tensions and complicating UK foreign policy.

As another lobbying scandal erupts in the Conservative party, are tougher rules finally on the horizon?

5 min read
Tory MP Scott Benton faces a 35-day suspension for alleged lobbying rule breaches, including leaking a gambling white paper. Lobbying regulations in the UK remain weak despite periodic scandals.

Reshuffling the sleaze

6 min read
Rishi Sunak, who previously positioned himself as a “change” candidate, abandons the claim by appointing David Cameron, known for austerity and the Brexit referendum, back into a senior government role. The move is a risky gamble amid internal party tensions and public backlash.

David Cameron: Lessons from other ex-prime ministers who returned to government

6 min read
Rishi Sunak’s surprising choice of David Cameron as foreign secretary, despite his 2016 political exit, sparks divided opinions. This move echoes historical instances where ex-prime ministers returned for experience and unity, with Cameron being the first in 50 years.

Rishi Sunak’s decision to bring back David Cameron has distracted us all for now, but the long-term strategy is flawed

5 min read
Rishi Sunak’s appointment of David Cameron as foreign secretary raises questions. Cameron, not a popular figure, is linked to Brexit and an era of austerity, conflicting with Sunak’s strategy. The move may have short-term benefits but poses risks for the Conservative Party.

British prime ministers reshuffle more than other leaders – What the latest changes tell us about Rishi Sunak’s government

5 min read
Sunak’s cabinet reshuffle, triggered by the firing of Suella Braverman, indicates a politically driven move rather than a focus on policy outcomes. The reshuffle suggests a focus on political survival over a coherent policy agenda, raising questions about government effectiveness and stability.

David Cameron returns: How can a prime minister make someone who isn’t an MP foreign secretary? And what happens now?

5 min read
Rishi Sunak’s decision to appoint former PM David Cameron as foreign secretary, even though Cameron is not a current member of the Commons, highlights the influence of patronage exercised by the PM and raises concerns about democratic legitimacy.
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