Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

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The sewage scandal

4 min read
Good Law Project are supporting three legal challenges to protect our coastline and rivers from pollution.

The Public Trust Doctrine: An ancient legal principle which could protect our environment now and for future generations

3 min read
Many of our vital environmental laws and protections are being put at risk by the long and dark shadow of Brexit. It beggars belief that this comes at a time when the Government should be urgently strengthening and expediting our response to the ongoing climate emergency.

How climate change could fare in the UK’s new Department for Energy Security and Net Zero

4 min read
A departmental redesign is useful, but progress still depends on political will.

Deadline looms for new Environment Secretary to respond to legal challenge against sewage dumping

3 min read
Giving the green light to water firms to routinely discharge sewage for decades to come is not only dangerous, but unlawful.

Liz Truss’s ‘destructive’ plans have angered environmental groups

5 min read
Environmental groups have criticised the government’s approach to nature – but what is this approach and why is it concerning?
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