Emmanuel Macron
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Paris riots: When police shot a teenager dead, a rumbling pressure cooker exploded

4 min read
The death of a 17-year-old boy by a police officer has sparked riots and protests in France. The incident reflects the long-standing problems of marginalisation, discrimination and police brutality that affect the suburbs of large French cities.

Emmanuel Macron: A French president whose populist tactics are derailing his own career

5 min read
French president Emmanuel Macron is facing a political crisis unprecedented in contemporary times.

Shouldn’t the French get with the script?

4 min read
The state in France can’t afford to pay for the French to play boules and drink pastis for a quarter-century.

Macron stirs up trouble by asking Europe to take it slow with Taiwan

2 min read
President Macron’s remarks on Taiwan have attracted criticism as he urged the EU to achieve strategic autonomy by reducing its reliance on the U.S., and called for Europe to be a third power in the world order.

Retirement rage: French fury fueled by reform

3 min read
France raised the minimum retirement age from 62 to 64, causing protests and strikes. The reform is to prevent a pension deficit. Other countries are also raising their retirement ages.

Emmanuel Macron is reelected but the French are longing for radical change.

6 min read
The next five years are going to be harder than Emmanuel Macron’s first term. To succeed he will need to keep radical parties at bay, accelerate measures on climate change, and steer the EU toward a stronger, more independent future.

Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron go head to head: Why many French voters will be voting against a candidate rather than for them.

5 min read
With the collapse of traditional politics, voters must vote with their heads rather than their hearts at every stage.
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