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Plastic recycling is failing – How the world must respond

6 min read
Recycling is not enough to address the world’s plastic waste crisis. A more sustainable approach requires reducing production, reusing existing plastic, and finding alternatives.

Helicopter rides and electoral annihilation: Rishi Sunak’s expensive commute

4 min read
Rishi Sunak’s use of a taxpayer-funded helicopter to Southampton on Tuesday, costing around £6,000 to the taxpayers, has been criticised as wasteful and environmentally damaging. Number 10 defends it as necessary for effective time management.

Extinction Rebellion gave it ‘the Big One’ with a four-day peaceful protest – now what?

5 min read
Extinction Rebellion has eschewed disruptive protest in the pursuit of ‘building relationships’.

Five most prepared countries for the green tech transition

3 min read
The US, Sweden, Singapore, Switzerland, and the Netherlands are the top five prepared countries to use frontier technologies, while Guinea, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo are the least prepared.

Why strike action is climate action

5 min read
Striking pushes against the core capitalist dynamics also responsible for global warming.

British public demands prison sentences for water company CEOs who pollute our waters

3 min read
A recent poll shows that 60% of British respondents believe that chief executives of water companies should receive prison sentences if they are found responsible for serious incidents of water pollution.

When the Daily Mail sees lawyers standing up for the environment, they get mad

3 min read
Jo Maugham, Director of the Good Law Project, is leading the way in advocating for a future free from fossil fuel interests. Along with 120 other legal professionals, he has signed a Declaration of Conscience to take a stand against representing organizations with ties to the fossil fuel industry.
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