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COVID Today 🦠 6 December 2023

1 min read
Today’s COVID-19 data.

Political fallout: Poll highlights public distrust in Boris Johnson

2 min read
A new survey reveals a widespread public mistrust in Boris Johnson’s management of the COVID-19 pandemic during his premiership. The results indicate a considerable trust deficit that may have repercussions on the former PM’s political influence and potential future political endeavours.

From I’m a Celeb to Strictly: Public verdict on politicians in Reality TV

2 min read
The return of the debate on politicians in reality TV is highlighted by Nigel Farage’s participation in I’m a Celeb. A recent YouGov survey reflects mixed public opinions on the suitability of politicians in reality TV.

Net zero: The Government’s balancing act on climate credibility

3 min read
The Government’s resistance to revealing the risks in their net zero plans, including Rishi Sunak’s private jet controversy, suggests hidden flaws. The upcoming legal battle may force transparency, exposing the truth. Time for climate accountability.

No turning back: Sunak rejects Von der Leyen’s EU rejoin speculation

5 min read
While Ursula von der Leyen recently acknowledged mistakes made by European leaders in handling Britain’s departure from the EU, in contrast, Rishi Sunak reaffirms his commitment to Brexit.

Palantir’s £330m NHS deal sparks privacy fears and legal challenges

2 min read
NHS England has awarded a significant data contract to Palantir, a US tech company co-founded by entrepreneur Peter Thiel. This decision has sparked controversy, considering Thiel’s critical stance on the NHS and raised questions about data security and transparency.

New environment secretary’s financial ties to climate denial group funder raise concerns

3 min read
Environment Secretary Steve Barclay received a £3,000 donation from climate change sceptic Sir Michael Hintze, raising concerns about Barclay’s stance on environmental issues and potential conflicts of interest, prompting scrutiny of the government’s commitment to environmental goals.
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