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WHO urges countries to stockpile medicines for ‘nuclear emergencies’

2 min read
The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued new advice for governments to stockpile medicines to treat radiation sickness in light of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Mind the gap: HS2 will stop in Central London

2 min read
In his speech at Bloomsberg on Friday, the Chancellor has quashed speculation that HS2 trains will not run to Central London.

Tory MP to sue Matt Hancock over COVID-19 vaccine remarks

2 min read
Brexiter MP Andrew Bridgen, who lost the Conservative whip in the Commons after appearing to compare COVID vaccines to the Holocaust on Twitter, is taking legal action against Matt Hancock for criticising his remarks.

Do women really rule the world?

2 min read
It is disheartening to note that not many countries in the world have been female-led. Despite the progress made in recent years, the number of nations that have had female leadership remains disappointingly low.

Majority of Britons say Zahawi must resign as Conservative chairman

2 min read
A majority of the British public is unimpressed with Zahawi’s conduct over his tax issues and believes that he should step down from his role as Conservative party chairman.

Tories testing the water over a different kind of NHS – Gordon Brown

2 min read
The suggestion put forward by Sajid Javid in the Times that NHS patients should be charged for visiting GPs or hospital emergency departments is indicative of the Conservative party’s intention to “test the water for a different kind of NHS”, according to former Labour PM Gordon Brown.

Majority of Britons think UK should maintain support for Ukraine

2 min read
A majority of the British public believes the UK should maintain its current level of support for Ukraine, according to a YouGov poll.
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