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Will the BBC regret suspending Gary Lineker?

3 min read
Former BBC Director General believes the BBC’s suspension of Gary Lineker from hosting Match of the Day is a grave mistake and will be seen as an act of government pressure.

Victory in Tbilisi: Protesters force ruling party to rescind law threatening Georgia’s EU membership

2 min read
People took to the streets of Tbilisi, Georgia to protest a new law threatening efforts to join the European Union.

Good Law Project cannot appeal “Partygate” injustice

3 min read
Good Law Project can’t appeal in the case of Partygate discrepancies involving the Metropolitan Police and Boris Johnson, highlighting the need for equality under the law.

Windsor Framework: British public’s lack of interest in Brexit’s final piece

2 min read
How much interest is there among the British public for the historic Brexit deal on Northern Ireland and the EU Single Market?

Is the Marburg virus outbreak in Equatorial Guinea the next pandemic?

3 min read
WHO is investigating a Marburg virus outbreak in Equatorial Guinea; sending experts, providing resources, and establishing local lab facilities to identify the source and control the spread.

Met gets put on notice: Good Law Project challenges Matt Hancock investigation refusal

4 min read
Good Law Project has issued a warning to the Metropolitan Police, challenging their reluctance to investigate Matt Hancock in the apparent breaches of the coronavirus regulations by the former Health Secretary.

Should UK transfer fighter jets to Ukraine? Expert urges caution

3 min read
Rishi Sunak has asked MoD to explore providing Ukraine with RAF fighter jets. No options should be discounted, but an expert suggests transferring UK fighter aircraft makes little military sense.
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