FBI Search of Trump's Estate
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Trump’s fate will be decided by 12 citizen peers, in a hallowed tradition of US democracy

5 min read
Donald Trump’s defenders have alleged that his indictment is a politically motivated “witch hunt” by the Biden administration when his fate lies in the hands of a 12-member jury, not the federal government. The Sixth Amendment ensures a jury trial, protecting him from potential government overreach.

Trump delivers defiant speeches after his recent indictment

3 min read
Donald Trump accused Joe Biden of weaponizing the justice department and compared the situation to Stalinist Russia to explain his recent indictment, whilst Mike Pence urged patience and prayer for Trump, who now faces 37 charges related to handling classified documents.

A former President indicted

4 min read
Despite the difficulty in reconciling the idea that no one is above the law with the potential political implications of putting a former president behind bars, the truth remains that if someone is convicted of a crime, they must face the punishment.

The return of the Yos! and Oys! – plus a new addition.

4 min read
B. Jay Cooper occasionally hands out awards for Yos! and Oys!, celebrating those individuals who do good deeds (Yo!) and bad ones (Oy!). The Committee on Yos! and Oys! meets when it feels like it.

How the FBI knew what to search for at Mar-a-Lago – and why the Presidential Records Act is an essential tool for future historians.

6 min read
A presidential scholar sets the history and context for the battle over President Trump’s official records – and says it isn’t the first records battle between the government and a former president.
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