Global Warming
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Meat and dairy industry’s attempt to change how we measure methane emissions would let polluters off the hook

4 min read
Major polluting industries lobbied at COP28, aiming to use a new emissions measurement method to avoid substantial cuts. This new way of measuring emissions may let the biggest polluters evade their responsibility to tackle climate change.

The COP28 climate agreement is a step backwards on fossil fuels

4 min read
The COP28 climate summit failed to deliver a clear commitment to phase out fossil fuels, leaving loopholes for countries to continue using them and hindering the transition to clean energy.

Storm Ciarán is breaking records and research suggests more severe weather in future

5 min read
Climate change is expected to lead to more frequent and severe storms, such as Storm Ciarán, emphasising the need for emission reduction and resilient infrastructure.

What will happen to the Greenland ice sheet if we miss our global warming targets

5 min read
Researchers studied the impact of not capping global warming at 1.5°C and discovered that prompt post-2100 temperature reductions could prevent and partly reverse the worst-case scenario of ice sheet collapse and rising sea levels.

Ecological doom-loops: Why ecosystem collapses may occur much sooner than expected – new research

5 min read
Using computer models to simulate how different stresses and events can trigger tipping points in forests, lakes, lagoons and islands, scientists warn that more than 20% of the world’s ecosystems are at risk of collapsing due to human pressures and climate extremes.

Why Labour is right to stop future UK oil and gas development

4 min read
Keir Starmer pledges to end new UK oil and gas exploration – an expert’s take on why this is the right move.

Rainforest offset credits likely to be “phantom credits”

2 min read
More than 90% of the world’s leading carbon offsets provider’s rainforest offset credits are likely to be “phantom credits” and do not represent genuine carbon reductions.
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