Good News
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Don’t worry, there’s some good news to brighten your day too. Here are positive stories that will make you smile.

Beating drought with innovation in Namibia

2 min read
Windhoek, Namibia’s capital, provides 99% of its population with drinking water despite severe shortages. The world’s first direct potable reuse plant produces 5.5M gallons daily, meets 35% of the city’s water needs and complies with WHO guidelines.

How UBI could save the NHS billions

4 min read
New research shows that universal basic income (UBI) could save the NHS billions by preventing mental and physical health problems. UBI could also boost the economy and reduce inequality.

How a COVID-19 survivor funded a crucial Indigenous gathering

2 min read
A British farmer donated £100,000 to fund a meeting of Brazil’s Indigenous people in the Amazon, motivated by his climate concerns, his near-death experience with COVID-19, and his respect for Indigenous wisdom.

How a repair centre empowers migrants in Amsterdam

2 min read
Migrants in Amsterdam work at a repair centre that saves clothes from waste. The centre offers training and support to workers and aims to open more sites in the UK.

The women warriors fighting fires and defending biodiversity in Borneo

2 min read
A group of women from two villages in Indonesia are fighting forest fires and promoting sustainable agriculture in their communities. The ‘Power of Mama’ is empowering women and protecting the environment in Borneo.

Top cities for quality of life: Vienna tops, UK cities slip

3 min read
The Global Liveability Index has given us insights into the quality of life in cities worldwide. Vienna, Copenhagen, and Melbourne took the top spots, while UK cities saw a decline. Meanwhile, Asian cities are on the rise, hinting at a shift in the global landscape.

Iceland bans conversion therapy: A victory for LGBTQ+ rights

1 min read
Iceland has passed a new law that bans conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ people and imposes harsh penalties for violators. The law makes Iceland one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly nations in the world.
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