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Suella Braverman’s comments comparing Gaza protests with Northern Ireland are a grave misunderstanding of the facts

5 min read
Suella Braverman’s controversial Times article suggests a desire to replace Sunak as Tory leader by aligning with the party’s right. Drawing comparisons between protests in Northern Ireland and pro-Palestinian protests in London, she introduces malicious confusion.

Suella Braverman: Why the home secretary can’t force the police to cancel a pro-Palestine march

4 min read
Suella Braverman criticised the Met Police for alleged double standards in handling pro-Palestinian marches, accusing them of leniency. Her interference raises concerns about the police’s non-partisan role, damaging the fragile contract of public trust, essential for effective policing.

Tory donor’s firm secures lucrative PPE storage contracts: The inside story

3 min read
A firm linked to a major Conservative Party donor received £546,000 in PPE storage contracts from the Department of Health and Social Care. The timing of these contracts and donations raises concerns about potential influence and transparency in contract allocation.

Why the attorney general’s power to deal with contempt of court is a conflict of interest

4 min read
The Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, is facing potential accusations of contempt of court after making comments that may impact the fairness of an upcoming trial. A situation that underscores the conflict of interest issue when politicians can initiate such proceedings in England and Wales.

The government quietly ditched its plans to help refugees learn English

3 min read
Suella Braverman’s attack on immigrants followed the government’s failure to deliver the promised strategy to teach English.

EU Citizens: Cruel and unjust refusals in the EU Settlement Scheme

4 min read
The Home Office’s stringent policies are resulting in unnecessary hardship for EU citizens. Recent immigration rule adjustments have resulted in unfair rejections and a convoluted administrative process.

‘When you get status the struggle doesn’t end’ — What it’s like to be a new refugee in the UK

5 min read
New refugees have just 28 days to access the essential services they need to rebuild their lives in the UK. In the ‘destitution gap’, many will become homeless.
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