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The UK government aims to stop publishing stats on homeless people’s deaths

5 min read
The government is contemplating discontinuing the release of vital statistics on homeless deaths as part of a mortality data review, exacerbating the invisibility and challenges confronting the unhoused.

‘When you get status the struggle doesn’t end’ — What it’s like to be a new refugee in the UK

5 min read
New refugees have just 28 days to access the essential services they need to rebuild their lives in the UK. In the ‘destitution gap’, many will become homeless.

Why thousands of Ukrainian refugees in the UK are now homeless

4 min read
Schemes to house Ukrainian refugees are set to last for three years. But halfway through, they are already proving unsuccessful.

Homelessness in England has reached record levels

4 min read
Without state investment, strategic consideration and political support, the lessons learned since the start of the pandemic on the importance to society of a place to call home will be lost.

The state we are in 2022

5 min read
With the Conservatives in government, the UK is very firmly on a trajectory to more cruelty, more demonisation of the poor, the weak, and the vulnerable.

‘I don’t feel like a person anymore’ – The emotional side of claiming universal credit.

4 min read
Being on universal credit affects people in more ways than just financial.
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