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Helicopter rides and electoral annihilation: Rishi Sunak’s expensive commute

4 min read
Rishi Sunak’s use of a taxpayer-funded helicopter to Southampton on Tuesday, costing around £6,000 to the taxpayers, has been criticised as wasteful and environmentally damaging. Number 10 defends it as necessary for effective time management.

Tories: Displacement of responsibility as a golden rule.

3 min read
An uncomfortable Chancellor Rishi Sunak finds himself in the middle of a storm because of his family business links to Russia.

PM resignation – A show of hypocrisy.

3 min read
Tory MP tweets her indignation at the thought that Senior Conservatives such as John Major or Theresa May dare to publicly call for Boris Johnson’s resignation... forgetting she, herself, tweeted about Theresa May being toasted back in 2019 and having voted her out.
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