Illegal Migration Bill
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‘Performative cruelty’: The hostile architecture of the UK government’s migrant barge

5 min read
Semi-carceral facilities accommodating irregular migrants are designed to be hostile spaces that expose people to substandard conditions and keep them on the move, detached from wider society.

Rwanda plan is in legal limbo, but history shows such migration deals are unlikely to disappear

5 min read
The UK government wants to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, but the court says it’s illegal. The deal is part of a wider policy to deter irregular migration and make deals with other countries. Similar schemes have been tried before in history.

How the UK’s new immigration law will put more people at risk of modern slavery

5 min read
The government has claimed that irregular migrants are falsely claiming to be victims of modern slavery to avoid being deported, but there is little evidence to support this.

Theresa May: Illegal Migration Bill will hurt modern slavery victims

7 min read
Former PM Theresa May criticised the Government’s Illegal Migration Bill, saying it could harm victims of modern slavery and arguing that it conflates immigration and modern slavery issues.

It could cost the taxpayer £169,000 to deport each migrant to Rwanda – and possibly even more

4 min read
The government says it will cost £169,000 per person to send migrants to Rwanda, but this is based on shaky assumptions and does not include many other costs. The real cost is likely to be much higher and the plan may not work at all.

I’ve worked in precarious jobs for more than 10 years – here’s what unions should do to support migrant workers

6 min read
Since 2011, I’ve worked in more than 20 precarious workplaces in hospitality, manufacturing and logistics – and I have only seen a union once.

Illegal migration bill: Can the government ignore the European Court of Human Rights?

5 min read
The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that interim measures are legally binding under international law.
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