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Government finally publishes missing £248m ventilator contracts and reveals it hired a firm to destroy unused equipment

3 min read
The Cabinet Office have finally published the remaining COVID Ventilator Challenge contracts – and the waste is shocking.

Good Law Project cannot appeal “Partygate” injustice

3 min read
Good Law Project can’t appeal in the case of Partygate discrepancies involving the Metropolitan Police and Boris Johnson, highlighting the need for equality under the law.

The Government is still “considering” how to improve its Net Zero Strategy with just a month to go

3 min read
The High Court has ordered Ministers to update their plan and demonstrate how policies will achieve Net Zero climate targets by March 2023. Despite this, the Government is only “considering the next steps”.

Met gets put on notice: Good Law Project challenges Matt Hancock investigation refusal

4 min read
Good Law Project has issued a warning to the Metropolitan Police, challenging their reluctance to investigate Matt Hancock in the apparent breaches of the coronavirus regulations by the former Health Secretary.

The Public Trust Doctrine: An ancient legal principle which could protect our environment now and for future generations

3 min read
Many of our vital environmental laws and protections are being put at risk by the long and dark shadow of Brexit. It beggars belief that this comes at a time when the Government should be urgently strengthening and expediting our response to the ongoing climate emergency.

Government commits to publishing £248m missing COVID contracts after breaching transparency guidelines

3 min read
After breaching transparency guidelines, the UK government commits to publishing £248 million worth of missing COVID-19 contracts.

Sunak-linked hedge fund sees pandemic profits soar to £109m

3 min read
Has Rishi Sunak benefitted from Government contracts during the pandemic? A hedge fund, where the Prime Minister was a founding partner, has seen its profits more than double in a year.
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