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General Election: Will everyone be able to cast their vote?

3 min read
A legal battle unfolds as new voter ID rules threaten to disenfranchise marginalised groups. Is this about preventing fraud or something more sinister?

Mr Bates vs The Post Office depicts one of the UK’s worst miscarriages of justice: Here’s why so many victims didn’t speak out

12 min read
The Post Office Horizon IT scandal highlighted barriers to victims speaking out earlier: isolation by being told their issues were unique, local stigmatisation, limited access to information, and trust in the infallibility of the Post Office's IT system.

Landmark victory: UK court rules immigration data exemption unlawful

5 min read
The Court of Appeal has declared the Immigration Exemption in the Data Protection Act 2018 unlawful, protecting migrants’ fundamental data rights. This triumph reflects years of determined advocacy from the3million and Open Rights Group.

COVID inquiry: How it works, and when we will know if it is successful

4 min read
The COVID inquiry delves into government actions during the pandemic, aiming to provide facts, lessons, and recommendations. However, it lacks power for sanctions or compensation. Success lies in future implementation of its recommendations.

Matt Hancock knew COVID tier system would not work

3 min read
Matt Hancock foresaw the failure of the October 2020 COVID tier system, admitting in a witness statement that he was in despair over implementing a policy he knew wouldn’t work.

A monumental victory empowering women in Britain

4 min read
In a significant legal shift, Nina Cresswell emerges victorious after naming her attacker online. Her landmark case highlights the importance of women’s voices in the public domain, ensuring their perpetrators do not silence them.

Prince Harry accuses UK Government and media of collusion

2 min read
Prince Harry accused Mirror Group Newspapers of hacking his phone and other illegal acts in a court case. He also criticized the UK Government and media for colluding to avoid accountability and protect the status quo. He urged journalists to expose corruption and defend democracy.
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