King Charles III
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King Charles III was born in 1948 and became heir apparent on the accession of Queen Elizabeth II in 1952. Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III has acceded to The Throne.

King’s speech: What is it, and why does it matter?

5 min read
Today, King Charles delivered his first speech from the throne as monarch, outlining the government’s plans and priorities for the year ahead. Nevertheless, whether he approved of it or not, he had no influence over the content of the address he conveyed to the Lords and Members of Parliament.

From crown to clowns: King Charles III’s coronation and the Tory distraction parade

7 min read
The lavish crowning of King Charles III has triggered backlash over privilege, police response against peaceful demonstrators, and assault on civil rights by a Tory Government that gained much from the distraction from their defeat at the local polls.

Americans have an enviably healthy attitude to Britain royalty

3 min read
US journalists analysed the King’s coronation, noting its rarity in recent British history and how King Charles III may face more challenges as some Commonwealth countries seek to become republics and end their ties with the monarchy.

Scotland Yard shows contempt for peaceful protest, arresting republicans hours before coronation

3 min read
Scotland Yard is accused of violating the right to protest after arresting the head of a republican movement and other organisers of a peaceful demonstration before the coronation.

Why the ‘oath of allegiance’ to King Charles III fails the test for being an oath

5 min read
A language expert explains why the ‘oath of allegiance’ to King Charles III is meaningless on several counts.

Swearing at the Kingzilla’s special day

6 min read
Most Scots have plans other than attending the expensive King’s coronation, which costs £100 million and is funded by the public, despite Charles III receiving public benefits and tax breaks.
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