King Charles III

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King Charles III was born in 1948 and became heir apparent on the accession of Queen Elizabeth II in 1952. Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III has acceded to The Throne.

How the soap opera around Prince Harry’s memoir will affect the royal brand

5 min read
The drama around the revelations in Harry’s book are just the latest episode in the royal soap. But he is unlikely to emerge from his biography as a heroic figure – particularly if people read coverage of the book instead of the memoir itself.

Prince of Wales: Why William inheriting the title from Charles has sparked a debate

5 min read
King Charles announced that his son would take on his previous title of Prince of Wales without formally informing the first minister of Wales – as some refer to the title as being disrespectful towards Wales.

Notes from Normal-island

10 min read
As millions worry about keeping food on the table or keeping their homes warm, and thousands of businesses are facing collapse, people are not just mourning the Queen, they are mourning the Britain that the Conservatives have destroyed.

King Charles inherits the crown with support for the monarchy at record low

6 min read
King Charles has inherited the crown at a time when support for the institution of the monarchy has fallen to a new low. Future public support for the monarchy may well rest heavily on the King’s ability to prove a worthy successor.

Change and challenges: The rules governing the UK’s new Constitutional Monarchy

8 min read
The Queen’s constant and reassuring presence at the centre of our national life was the thread that kept the UK Union together. The real challenge will be for King Charles III to continue to be that uniting force.

Charles III and the future of the UK monarchy

5 min read
The British crown has developed from absolute power to a ‘constitutional monarchy’. Prince William and his heirs could go on to inherit a truly modern monarchy fit for the rest of the century if King Charles III succeeds in adapting it to society.

Why Charles is already king and other key constitutional questions answered

4 min read
The passing of Queen Elizabeth II raises important constitutional questions regarding how the country transitions to the reign of her son, King Charles III. These are the key moments to look out for in the days ahead.
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