Kwasi Kwarteng
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The £10k-a-day blunder: How MPs were duped by a fake firm

6 min read
Senior MPs agreed to work for a fictitious South Korean firm for £10,000 a day. Despite their actions being within proper conduct, receiving payment from a foreign entity could result in significant ethical and legal concerns for them.

Why Liz Truss finally lost control of MPs

5 min read
After years of testing the limits of British democracy, the government finally got a taste of its own medicine when Labour used a parliamentary mechanism to lay Tory divisions bare.

The best hope lies in this government’s hopelessness

18 min read
Ironically, as well as being deeply depressing, the most hopeful thing about this government is how utterly hopeless at governing it is proving itself to be.

Liz Truss is now a case study in poor leadership

4 min read
If you don’t like the idea of being held accountable and having to answer for your actions then a leadership role is probably not for you. The top office is not a playground for ideological experiment.

The week the wheels came off the Brexit Britain bus

18 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s analysis on how the Brexiters’ budget, which they say is crucial to Brexit, exposes their total incompetence (not a cunning plan), so that the crisis is a verdict on Brexit itself.

What Liz Truss’s Conservative party conference speech revealed

6 min read
In her first party conference speech as prime minister, Liz Truss has emphasised that growth is the only solution.

When the strong help the weak, it makes us all stronger

3 min read
Former PM Gordon Brown’s budget analysis sums up Liz Truss’s government plans perfectly. Wouldn’t it be good to be governed by grown-ups again?
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