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What the leadership contest tells us about Brexit

15 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s analysis on how, although scarcely mentioned, Brexit permeates the Tory leadership contest between Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, and David Frost’s essay inadvertently revealed why whoever wins will fall prey to the impossibilities of post-Brexit politics.

Boris Johnson never took full control of the Tory party – uniting it now seems impossible.

4 min read
A strong party leader is both in control of the organisation of their party and can set and articulate the party’s priorities. With 41% of his MPs united against him, Boris Johnson is unlikely to last long – or get much done if he does.

What the result of the confidence vote means for the PM and the Conservative Party.

4 min read
With 41% of his MPs voting against his leadership, how realistic are Boris Johnson’s hopes for survival?

Boris Johnson ‘no-confidence’ vote: What happens next?

5 min read
The Conservative Party will hold a no-confidence vote on the leadership of Boris Johnson tonight. Here’s what you need to know.

Boris Johnson exposes the weakness at the heart of a ‘good chaps’ rule of government.

5 min read
In the UK, there is very little to stop a leader who doesn’t care to comply with unwritten norms.

Boris Johnson pledges to ‘fix’ Downing Street after partygate – but this is a failure of his leadership.

4 min read
The most unacceptable outcome would be if this episode becomes another example of a leader feeling unchallengeable and emboldened as a rule-breaker. A change of leadership is the first and only substantial thing that really matters.
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