Level Up
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What Rishi Sunak scrapping HS2 – and promising a new ‘Network North’ – means for the north of England

6 min read
Infrastructure development in Northern England has been increasingly muddled in recent years. Few will be convinced by Rishi Sunak’s new pledge to fix this.

The government debunked a 15-minute city conspiracy... then endorsed it

3 min read
The Levelling up Department’s own guidance contradicts comments by Transport Secretary Mark Harper at the Conservative Conference.

Rising costs and delays don’t necessarily mean HS2 is failing

6 min read
Economists do not have the analytical tools to properly measure the full value of a megaproject. Deciding on whether to pull the plug or not is always a political matter.

Revealed: Government to legalise ‘hazardous’ accommodation for asylum seekers

5 min read
Housing and migrants charities blast ‘shameful’ plan to relax licensing rules around HMOs for people fleeing danger.

Levelling up: How UK freeports risk harbouring international crime

4 min read
Customs provide crucial scrutiny of goods, processes and documentation. UK freeports will only succeed with similarly robust measures in place.

Is Labour’s vision of a New Britain any different to the Tories’ levelling up?

5 min read
The plan to abolish the House of Lords has drawn the most attention but Labour is also proposing radical changes to how power is distributed.

Parliament could burn down any day? Sell it. Turn it into a museum or a posh hotel.

3 min read
Our political system is packed with unimaginative, cowardly morons, trapped in aspic.
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