LGBTQ Rights
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A mother’s right: The battle for same-sex parenting in Italy

3 min read
The Italian government is challenging the rights of same-sex parents. The story of Michela and Viola, a lesbian couple who have had one of their names removed from their daughter’s birth certificate, illustrates the human impact of these policies.

Watered-down LGBTQ ‘understanding’ bill shows how far Japan’s parliament is out of step with its society – and history

6 min read
Japan has a rich queer history and is seeing societal changes in favour of greater LGBTQ recognition. That said, national politicians have yet to catch up.

How Putin’s anti-LGBTQ+ agenda is an attempt to build support for the invasion of Ukraine

4 min read
Vladimir Putin’s anti-queer campaign is just part of his continued manipulation of information.

Iceland bans conversion therapy: A victory for LGBTQ+ rights

1 min read
Iceland has passed a new law that bans conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ people and imposes harsh penalties for violators. The law makes Iceland one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly nations in the world.

How those who want to divide us use language to stoke violence

6 min read
Language can provoke violence between groups, especially when people paint others as threats.

Why are some so afraid of women, gays, trans, etc?

6 min read
While some in the United States are chomping away at our rights, others are attacking our democracy from within. What are they afraid of?
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