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Six books (and one play) to read to understand British politics today

10 min read
With a general election on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to curl up with one of these expert political book recommendations.

UK political landscape faces seismic shift in next election with Tories projected to secure only 90 seats

3 min read
In a new poll, the Tories face a potential major setback in the upcoming election. With predictions favouring Labour and highlighting shifts in public sentiment, the political landscape of the UK may be on the brink of significant change.

By-election losses are terrible for the Conservatives – but there are glimmers of hope

4 min read
The Conservatives lost two more by-elections, and only just held Uxbridge by a whisker. The party faces its worst defeat since 1997 as Sunak lags far behind Starmer. Is there more trouble ahead?

Labour leads in latest YouGov poll on general election outcome

3 min read
A new survey by YouGov shows that more people think Labour will win the next general election than the Conservatives.

Boris Johnson resignation: Why Rishi Sunak can’t afford to lose more than one of three impending by-elections

4 min read
Labour stands a good chance of taking one of three impending votes, while losing either of the other two would be very bad news for Rishi Sunak.

Why a Labour-Lib Dem coalition wouldn’t cause electoral annihilation like their deal with the Tories

5 min read
Labour and Lib Dem leaders deny potential coalition for the next general election. However, ideological proximity favours a Lib Dem-Labour partnership.

From crown to clowns: King Charles III’s coronation and the Tory distraction parade

7 min read
The lavish crowning of King Charles III has triggered backlash over privilege, police response against peaceful demonstrators, and assault on civil rights by a Tory Government that gained much from the distraction from their defeat at the local polls.
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