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Long Covid is a term to describe the effects of Covid-19 that continue for weeks or months beyond the initial illness.

The ‘jab market’ of private COVID vaccines is a good thing for public health – but not for health inequality

5 min read
Privately selling COVID vaccines could boost immunity but raises worries about health inequalities. Affordability issues may limit access for lower-income individuals, worsening disparities in vaccine distribution.

Long COVID’s brain fog: Impact of COVID-19 on memory

4 min read
How “brain fog” from Long COVID can be akin to ageing 10 years. A King’s College London study reveals cognitive impairments that can last up to 2 years post-infection.

What we know about how Long COVID condition affects mental health

3 min read
Research shows that people with long COVID have worse mental health than those without it. They may face disbelief, stigma and difficulties accessing healthcare.

The challenges of living with Long COVID

2 min read
We explore the most common symptoms reported by individuals with long COVID and how these symptoms impact their day-to-day activities.

Why children in the UK should still be offered the COVID vaccine

5 min read
Widespread vaccination of children would likely avert thousands of cases of long COVID in the UK.

Long COVID: Effects on fatigue and quality of life can be comparable to some cancers

4 min read
Of all symptoms studied, fatigue was associated with the biggest effect on long COVID patients’ daily lives.

Thousands of people in the UK are out of work due to long COVID

5 min read
Studies from multiple countries have found that long COVID is linked to an increased likelihood of not working. Here’s what’s happened in the UK.
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