Marjorie Taylor Greene
Total 4 Posts

The time has come today, and other rants

4 min read
As a former reporter, B. Jay Cooper respected deadlines, but nowadays people are always late. And don’t get him started on politicians who act unethically. The state of politics and society is just frustrating.

A national trial separation?

5 min read
Action on guns and abortion rights will be major U.S. election issues. The actions of politicians like DeSantis in Florida for authoritarian control could help in Republican primaries but sink them in general elections.

QAnon is spreading outside the US – A conspiracy theory expert explains what that could mean

5 min read
The mysterious QAnon network is becoming an international movement, and an estimated 22% of Americans back one of its core beliefs.

We’ve got a lot to cover

4 min read
B. Jay Cooper, a veteran political consultant who served in the Reagan and Bush I administrations, weighs in on some of the reactions to President Biden’s State of the Union.
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