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Tucker Carlson’s Putin interview gave Russian leader a platform to boost his own cause – and that of Donald Trump

6 min read
Tucker Carlson, ex-Fox News host, has interviewed Vladimir Putin on Ukraine, US politics, and NATO. As a vocal critic of Biden, Carlson’s interview raises questions about humanising Putin.

How liberal conspiracy theories can be just as destructive as their extremist counterparts

6 min read
Liberal conspiracy theories, often dismissed as fringe, can be more damaging than their counterparts. The exaggeration of antisemitism in Labour and false Trump-Russia collusion claims showcase their negative impact.

Four tips for a healthy news diet in 2024

4 min read
In the new year, consider improving your news diet. Be wary of biased algorithms on social media, seek diverse viewpoints, recognise attention-seeking, share balanced sources, and beware of emotional manipulation.

Look to the mainstream to explain the rise of the far-right

5 min read
We cannot pretend to stand against the far-right while referring to its politics as “legitimate concerns”. We must stand unequivocally by and be in service of every one of the communities at the sharp end of oppression.
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