Mental Health
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What we know about how Long COVID condition affects mental health

3 min read
Research shows that people with long COVID have worse mental health than those without it. They may face disbelief, stigma and difficulties accessing healthcare.

Long COVID stigma may encourage people to hide the condition

5 min read
A UK survey found most long COVID sufferers have experienced discrimination, prejudice or shame related to the condition.

No child should be given access to that type of content

4 min read
US multinational tech giant Meta is aware of the harm its content can cause to the most vulnerable of us, yet it is failing to act. The consequences for young people are devastating.

Many people are still shielding from COVID – and their mental health is getting worse.

5 min read
While the general public has become less anxious over the course of the pandemic, the opposite is true for vulnerable people who have been shielding from COVID-19 and whose mental health is getting worse.

‘I don’t feel like a person anymore’ – The emotional side of claiming universal credit.

4 min read
Being on universal credit affects people in more ways than just financial.
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