Metropolitan Police
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Suella Braverman: Why the home secretary can’t force the police to cancel a pro-Palestine march

4 min read
Suella Braverman criticised the Met Police for alleged double standards in handling pro-Palestinian marches, accusing them of leniency. Her interference raises concerns about the police’s non-partisan role, damaging the fragile contract of public trust, essential for effective policing.

Good Law Project cannot appeal “Partygate” injustice

3 min read
Good Law Project can’t appeal in the case of Partygate discrepancies involving the Metropolitan Police and Boris Johnson, highlighting the need for equality under the law.

Met gets put on notice: Good Law Project challenges Matt Hancock investigation refusal

4 min read
Good Law Project has issued a warning to the Metropolitan Police, challenging their reluctance to investigate Matt Hancock in the apparent breaches of the coronavirus regulations by the former Health Secretary.

New revelations about gaps in the Met Partygate investigation.

3 min read
For the law to have any meaning, it must apply equally to us all. The Metropolitan Police must explain their failure to provide any explanation of how they cleared the Prime Minister over the Partygate investigation.

New Met Police legal action will get to the truth about the PM’s Partygate.

4 min read
The public have a right to know what really went on inside the Partygate investigation.

Boris Johnson fined by police over partygate.

5 min read
The British prime minister, his wife and the chancellor of the exchequer are all in legal trouble over lockdown gatherings. What happens next?
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