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As Israel’s assault on Rafah approaches, Egypt prepares for a flood of Palestinian refugees

5 min read
Facing a potential influx of Palestinian refugees from Gaza, Egypt is building a concrete wall. President al-Sisi fears destabilisation but may offer short-term sanctuary with international support, while long-term solutions involve revitalising the Palestinian Authority for a two-state plan.

The Palestinians won’t cease to exist just cause they don’t have a refugee agency

3 min read
Several Western donor countries have suspended funding to the UN agency for Palestinian refugees based on Israeli accusations of staff involvement in Hamas attacks, impacting millions of Palestinians in Gaza, despite ongoing investigations.

Red Sea crisis: Suez Canal is not the only ‘choke point’ that threatens to disrupt global supply chains

5 min read
The US and UK military airstrikes in Yemen target Houthi threats to merchant vessels in the Bab el-Mandeb strait. This highlights the vulnerability of global trade chokepoints, posing risks to supply chains and the world economy.

‘Deploy diplomats to deal with Houthis, war is no recipe for peace’

2 min read
The Houthis hold freedom of navigation hostage to press for a ceasefire in Gaza. The West responds with bombs on Houthi facilities in Yemen. How is this conducive to peace in our time?

Britain’s cosplay with warships and suchlike in the eastern Mediterranean

3 min read
What is the purpose of Rishi Sunak’s Government deploying a notably smaller naval task group in the Middle East compared to the United States, if not to project a larger presence on the international stage?

Hamas and Hezbollah: How they are different and why they might cooperate against Israel

5 min read
Hezbollah’s full involvement in the latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict would likely open up a regional war.

Palestinian conflict: How despair can drive people to violence, even if it puts their lives in danger

4 min read
Research explains why Palestinians experiencing despair may gamble with their own lives despite little real hope of improving things.
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