Migrants' Rights
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Hotels and employment aren’t major ‘pull factors’ for refugees

4 min read
UK policies aimed at reducing asylum-seeking through welfare and job restrictions are ineffective, research shows. The key driver for asylum destination choice is existing social networks, not employment or welfare benefits.

The double punishment of Marcus Decker: A peaceful protester facing deportation after Brexit

3 min read
The story of Marcus Decker, a German citizen facing deportation after a peaceful protest, underscores the urgent need to defend everyone’s right to protest.

I’ve worked in precarious jobs for more than 10 years – here’s what unions should do to support migrant workers

6 min read
Since 2011, I’ve worked in more than 20 precarious workplaces in hospitality, manufacturing and logistics – and I have only seen a union once.

“I’m always delivering food while hungry” – How undocumented migrants find work as substitute couriers in the UK

13 min read
Undocumented workers in the UK’s food delivery sector are at risk due to the misuse of the rider system. A stronger oversight is required to protect vulnerable individuals.

Judge rules EU citizens’ data rights must be protected

2 min read
The3million has prevailed in a court case against the UK government, with the High Court ruling that data protection rights for EU citizens and other migrants must be upheld by law.
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