Narendra Modi
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India has landed on the Moon: Political and economic gains

4 min read
India’s space mission is driving economic changes and high-tech job opportunities.

Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech sounded more like a snake oil salesman than a statesman

5 min read
In a recent speech, Indian PM Narendra Modi emphasised his own achievements and criticised opponents, gearing up for the 2024 elections. The speech sidestepped issues like inflation, unfulfilled promises, and minority rights, raising concerns about democratic erosion and societal division.

Elon Musk obeys ‘strict’ social media rules of Modi’s India. But not for America’s NPR

6 min read
When asked about Twitter’s functioning in India, Elon Musk claims ignorance regarding the Indian government’s requests to remove content related to Narendra Modi’s leadership and 2002 Gujarat riots. Despite being a “free speech absolutist,” Musk seems to surrender easily to government complaints.

India - From defamation case to democracy erosion

3 min read
Rahul Gandhi is fighting in court for his right to criticise India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But is the country’s democracy at risk?
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