NHS Crisis
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How much could the NHS save if people had healthier lifestyles? Hundreds of millions, according to research

4 min read
Encouraging lifestyle changes like vaping, moderate alcohol intake, and increased exercise could save the NHS hundreds of millions of pounds annually, improving public health and reducing economic strain.

Why refusing public sector pay rises won’t help reduce inflation

6 min read
Recent price rises are not due to higher wages but supply-side issues, including the war in Ukraine, the COVID pandemic, and Brexit. All in all, the current government’s intransigence on public sector pay is based on both bad economics and bad politics.

Prime Minister’s Quarrelling

6 min read
There’s pointlessness, and then there’s Prime Minister’s Questions, where democracy goes to kill itself.

NHS crisis: Underlying problems are starting to be addressed

4 min read
Even if many challenges remain, there is some light at the end of the tunnel for the NHS crisis.
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