Nuclear Risks
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Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant: Experts discuss potential threats and safety measures

5 min read
Ukraine recently reported the discovery of “explosive devices” on the roof of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. While concerns have been raised about the safety of the plant, experts assure that nuclear power plants are designed to withstand extreme hazards.

Nuclear weapons gap and global conflicts: How the world is on edge in 2023

2 min read
The index on nuclear weapons shows that Russia and the US have the most nuclear weapons in the world, while China and other countries have much fewer. Worrying at a time when the world is currently facing multiple geopolitical tensions.

WHO urges countries to stockpile medicines for ‘nuclear emergencies’

2 min read
The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued new advice for governments to stockpile medicines to treat radiation sickness in light of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Putin’s mobilisation speech: what he said and what he meant

5 min read
Vladimir Putin sees his war in Ukraine as an existential war, while the West sees it as a war of choice. The West needs to understand the messages coming from Russia, not ignore them.

Sweden and Finland eye the Nato option, but it’s a security dilemma for the west.

5 min read
Nato enlargement to Sweden and Finland could be a dangerous strategy if it backs Russia into a corner. Vladimir Putin may well turn to his often-threatened nuclear capability.

No staff turnover at Chornobyl.

2 min read
Ukraine tells the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) there has been no rotation of technical staff at Chornobyl for a week now.

As Putin puts nuclear forces on high alert, here are 5 genuine nuclear dangers for us all.

6 min read
Experts around the world have been warning nuclear weapons are increasingly being seen as ‘usable’ by the political and military leaders who wield them.
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