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Energy price cap: A targeted ‘social tariff’ must be part of a much wider set of reforms

4 min read
No more tweaks: let’s replace the energy price cap with something more radical.

Your energy bills are finally about to go down

4 min read
A reduction in your energy bills may not provide immediate relief from your financial difficulties, as inflation and interest rates remain high and exert pressure.

What to do if your supplier takes you to court

7 min read
What can you do if your supplier wants to apply for a warrant to install a prepayment meter in your home? Here are much-needed information and guidance about cost of living support and consumer rights.

Scotland’s Children’s Commissioner challenges Ofgem to protect children from fuel poverty

3 min read
Bruce Adamson, Scotland’s Children and Young People’s Commissioner, has today written to Ofgem challenging its decision to raise the energy price cap and expressing his deep concern about the dire consequences that soaring rates of fuel poverty will have on children.

Ofgem on notice of court action if it fails to comply with legal duties to protect vulnerable customers

3 min read
The country is in the midst of an unprecedented cost-of-living crisis, with 35 million people under threat of fuel poverty in the coming months. Ofgem has a duty to protect consumers, particularly those who are vulnerable.
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