Omicron Variant
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Omicron is likely to hit deprived areas the hardest.

5 min read
The fact omicron can overcome the wall of protection built up in deprived areas through high levels of prior infection means there is a risk inequalities are going to be repeated in the coming weeks and months.

Omicron. The worst part of the pandemic before it ends in 2022. – Bill Gates.

2 min read
According to American super billionaire Bill Gates, the Omicron variant may mean the worst part of the pandemic, but he thinks that by taking the right steps – vaccination, mask-wearing, social distancing, the pandemic could be over in 2022.

Omicron: What the next few weeks will look like.

4 min read
New omicron cases are doubling approximately every two days in some parts of the UK, including London.

On the Imperial College study on Omicron severity.

7 min read
All suggest that the observed reduction in severity is very likely due to the fact that a much larger proportion of omicron cases are people with prior infection.

Omicron – Your questions answered.

5 min read
An expert in global public health answers questions on the omicron variant.

We have learned from our mistakes... in order to repeat them.

7 min read
The views of experts and health professionals on the current UK situation with the Omicron variant.

This virus has got so many surprises in store for us.

8 min read
Experts and health professionals on virus predictions, the spread of Omicron, the government’s Plan B restrictions, and that false sense of security that vaccines have ended the pandemic...
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