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Political fallout: Poll highlights public distrust in Boris Johnson

2 min read
A new survey reveals a widespread public mistrust in Boris Johnson’s management of the COVID-19 pandemic during his premiership. The results indicate a considerable trust deficit that may have repercussions on the former PM’s political influence and potential future political endeavours.

From I’m a Celeb to Strictly: Public verdict on politicians in Reality TV

2 min read
The return of the debate on politicians in reality TV is highlighted by Nigel Farage’s participation in I’m a Celeb. A recent YouGov survey reflects mixed public opinions on the suitability of politicians in reality TV.

Biden’s low approval ratings don’t mean he is bound to lose the 2024 US election – here’s why

5 min read
Some Democrats are concerned as recent polls suggest voters may choose Donald Trump over Joe Biden in key states for the 2024 presidential election. Despite Biden's low approval, electoral outcomes remain uncertain.

Suella Braverman: How much of a threat is sacked home secretary from the backbenches?

5 min read
Rishi Sunak’s removal of Home Secretary Suella Braverman, known for appealing to the cultural right, and the appointment of former PM David Cameron as foreign secretary reveals his struggle to balance diverse factions within the Conservative Party.

Rishi Sunak is wrong: We polled the British public and found it largely supports strong climate policies

5 min read
The UK Government is backtracking on climate legislation and directing funds towards the expansion of the oil and gas industry. Research, however, highlights widespread public support for robust climate measures, contradicting the government’s narrative.

The failure of British Democracy

6 min read
Are Keir Starmer’s right-leaning policies neglecting pressing issues like homelessness and poverty? Why are both Labour and Conservative parties ignoring public support for nationalising key sectors and rejoining the European Single Market?

UK political landscape faces seismic shift in next election with Tories projected to secure only 90 seats

3 min read
In a new poll, the Tories face a potential major setback in the upcoming election. With predictions favouring Labour and highlighting shifts in public sentiment, the political landscape of the UK may be on the brink of significant change.
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