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Majority of Britons say Zahawi must resign as Conservative chairman

2 min read
A majority of the British public is unimpressed with Zahawi’s conduct over his tax issues and believes that he should step down from his role as Conservative party chairman.

Majority of Britons think UK should maintain support for Ukraine

2 min read
A majority of the British public believes the UK should maintain its current level of support for Ukraine, according to a YouGov poll.

Cost of living crisis – Historical evidence suggests voters could quickly turn against Tories.

5 min read
As household budgets come under strain, so does support for governments, as Boris Johnson should note.

Boris Johnson polling is now so bad that it makes sense for Conservative MPs to get rid of him.

5 min read
If Boris Johnson is not replaced by a new leader, backbench Conservative MPs would be well advised to start brushing up their CVs in preparation for life after Westminster.

Is the party over for Boris Johnson? This polling detail suggests it could well be.

6 min read
There is a clear route out of the Boris Johnson problem for Tory MPs – namely to remove the prime minister and hope for a recovery in the polls by electing a new leader.

Where stands support for Brexit now?

8 min read
A new post-Brexit Poll of Polls currently shows 51% are in favour of being part of the EU and 49% against.
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