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A piece written with a unique perspective on an issue.

When is a conspiracy theory not a theory?

4 min read
We are witnessing the creation of a new conspiracy theory that, if true, is a clear and present danger to our democracy.

The failure of British Democracy

6 min read
Are Keir Starmer’s right-leaning policies neglecting pressing issues like homelessness and poverty? Why are both Labour and Conservative parties ignoring public support for nationalising key sectors and rejoining the European Single Market?

Poverty in Britain is firmly linked to the country’s mountain of private wealth – Labour must address this growing inequality

5 min read
The Labour Party used to radically advocate for common ownership. But as private wealth in Britain benefits from ever-greater tax breaks, anti-inequality sentiment is waning.

The official allegations against Trump are mounting

4 min read
Four indictments in four months. Enough, Donald John Trump says, to win him the presidential election.

The looming catastrophe for the Tories

6 min read
A new poll suggesting a landslide victory for Labour over the Tories at the next General Election discourages an early election for Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives and contradicts Keir Starmer’s claim about needing Scottish votes to win.

Another Trump indictment, the biggest one

5 min read
Former President Donald Trump faces a lawsuit for sparking a violent mob on January 6, 2021. His lawyers are desperate to find a way to escape the legal trouble. The lawsuit document reveals the shocking details of Trump’s actions and words. It is more thrilling than any Netflix show.

Better a diamond with a flaw than a stone without

6 min read
The Tories’ lies, corruption, and incompetence exposed, and their plan to call an early election to avoid losing more voters revealed. How about their disastrous leaders: Johnson, Truss, and Sunak?
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