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P&O Ferries is a British shipping company that operates ferries from the UK to Ireland, and to Continental Europe.

Confusion abounds.

15 min read
Professor Chris Grey on the confusion of Boris Johnson with a national leader, confusions on all sides about P&O Ferries, confusions in the CBI’s attempts to get behind Brexit, and the different kinds of Brexit failure that shouldn’t be confused.

P&O Ferries: How some companies can afford to break the law.

4 min read
Employment law is all at sea. Rich companies can simply choose to buy themselves out of the legal system.

Is Brexit being β€˜cancelled’?

13 min read
With the war showing its pointlessness, and none of its promises delivered, most supporters of Brexit are falling silent. That will not make Brexit go away, though, so what might it lead to? Professor Chris Grey’s analysis.

The sacking of 800 P&O staff shows just how precarious UK jobs can be.

4 min read
Zero hour contracts remove job security and impact workers’ health, finances and prospects.
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