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Why are those lost to COVID not formally memorialised? How politics shapes what we remember

5 min read
Hundreds of thousands of red hearts adorn a wall directly opposite parliament, yet successive prime ministers have nothing to say about officially marking the lives lost in the pandemic.

Why report into misleading parliament still matters, even after Boris Johnson resigned as an MP

5 min read
The privileges process is a vital part of the British constitution, so what the committee investigating Boris Johnson decides matters for future precedent, even if he is gone.

Johnson the liar and bully who led a lying and bullying party

5 min read
On Boris Johnson lying to Parliament, resigning as an MP, and refusing to accept responsibility for his actions.

Boris Johnson: Freed from the constraints of office, the former prime minister could be even more dangerous

4 min read
The House of Commons Committee on Privileges has called for former PM Boris Johnson to be barred from having a former member’s pass, and with good reason.

Boris Johnson’s claims about being ‘forced out’ of parliament are simply false

4 min read
The former prime minister has claimed a small group of MPs has forced him out, but that’s not an accurate description of events.

Boris Johnson’s evidence to MPs’ partygate investigation: The key points of disagreement explained

6 min read
Before the Committee of Privileges, Boris Johnson argued the Downing Street events were needed to boost morale and that the rules were too hard to maintain, insisting that the gatherings with wine were essential work meetings.

Will Boris Johnson be grounded? The Privileges Committee decides

3 min read
The Privileges Committee will rule on whether former PM Boris Johnson misled Parliament in May. If guilty, it can impose punishments from written apologies to salary deduction and suspension, triggering a recall petition and a by-election.
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