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Rwanda plan is in legal limbo, but history shows such migration deals are unlikely to disappear

5 min read
The UK government wants to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, but the court says it’s illegal. The deal is part of a wider policy to deter irregular migration and make deals with other countries. Similar schemes have been tried before in history.

By-election losses are terrible for the Conservatives – but there are glimmers of hope

4 min read
The Conservatives lost two more by-elections, and only just held Uxbridge by a whisker. The party faces its worst defeat since 1997 as Sunak lags far behind Starmer. Is there more trouble ahead?

How the UK’s new immigration law will put more people at risk of modern slavery

5 min read
The government has claimed that irregular migrants are falsely claiming to be victims of modern slavery to avoid being deported, but there is little evidence to support this.

The UK’s island identity has long shaped its political outlook – is that why it currently feels so adrift?

4 min read
Geographical happenstance became a matter of national identity in imperial times and is now a handy rhetorical device for Brexit enthusiasts.

Ukraine War: Crimean bridge attack is another blow to Putin’s strongman image

4 min read
Ukraine has damaged the Kerch Strait bridge that connects Russia and Crimea, in a symbolic strike against Russia’s illegal annexation of the peninsula. The attack is part of a broader campaign to disrupt Russian supply lines and undermine its claim to Ukrainian territory.

Events that never happened could influence the 2024 presidential election

5 min read
AI can manipulate a real event or invent one from thin air to create a ‘situation deepfake.’ These deepfakes threaten to influence upcoming elections, but you can still protect your vote.

Riots show that France may be increasingly American (and I don’t mean McDonald’s)

3 min read
How France’s recent riots reflect a growing racial consciousness among its black and north African population, influenced by the US and the work of Education Minister Pap Ndiaye, a historian who challenges France’s colourblind ideal.
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