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Editorial cartoons and political cartoons by brilliant illustrators that convey great commentaries on politics, politicians, and current events.

Government tells schools: Dump lateral flow tests.

2 min read
Appalling: Do NOT give out any more lateral flow tests but dump them, UK government tells schools. – Today’s political cartoon by Kim Wareham.

Saving pounds vs saving lives.

1 min read
UK policymakers need to get a grip on our public health strategy around COVID-19. – Today’s political cartoon by Kim Wareham.

COVID-19 shrinks our brains – PM: Nothing to see here... Freedom day!

1 min read
Major research shows that COVID-19 shrinks our brains even after mild or asymptomatic infection. Yet still, the UK government pretends we have nothing to worry about. – Today’s political cartoon by Kim Wareham.

COVID doesn’t affect kids?

1 min read
We have been relentlessly told that COVID-19 in children is of little consequence compared to adults, that COVID doesn’t affect kids... Or does it? 5.2 million children have been orphaned by the pandemic in the world. – Today’s political cartoon by Kim Wareham.

Ukraine – It’s all about one person.

1 min read
Going forward, it is clear that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is all about one man saving face and retaining his grip on power... Vladimir Putin. – Today’s political cartoon by FM Hansen.

COVID-19 — Sick of dating.

1 min read
Just when we think we’re out of one bad relationship (Coronavirus), we find ourselves in another one (Omicron). — Today’s Political Cartoon by FM Hansen.

Look at me!

1 min read
Maybe it’s the Trump effect but the GOP has now become the “Look at me! Look at me!” party on Capitol Hill. — Today’s Political Cartoon by FM Hansen.
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