Political Leadership

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Why 2023 is a make-or-break year for Keir Starmer’s Labour party

5 min read
The public still does not know what Keir Starmer and the Labour party stand for. Inspiration could come from a surprising source.

Is Liz Truss really a symbol of Western democratic resilience as China crowns Xi Jinping?

3 min read
No matter whether a system is democratic or undemocratic, a bad leader’s period in office could leave millions of broken lives in its wake.

Liz Truss is now a case study in poor leadership

4 min read
If you don’t like the idea of being held accountable and having to answer for your actions then a leadership role is probably not for you. The top office is not a playground for ideological experiment.

Keir Starmer needs to tell a bolder story about Britain’s future to convince voters to back him

5 min read
Keir Starmer has never made the creation of a story of us central to his leadership; his storytelling is an occasional practice. When he brings it out, his instincts are spot on, but so far he has lacked the courage of his convictions.

What Boris Johnson said in his bitter resignation speech and what he really meant.

5 min read
Boris Johnson breaks from his party in a bitter resignation speech in which there is no sense of taking responsibility and no sense of apology.

Boris Johnson’s nightmare day: How to read between the lines in resignation letters from government ministers.

5 min read
There was a sense of self-aggrandisement about the resignation letters sent by Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak that led to Boris Johnson eventually resigning. Overall, there is so much material in all the letters sent to the PM that we could analyse them for years to come.

Get Borexit done.

5 min read
As the two words “I resign” have not crossed his lips and he is carrying on as though nothing had happened in a very disturbing way... Has Boris Johnson actually resigned?
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