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Political fallout: Poll highlights public distrust in Boris Johnson

2 min read
A new survey reveals a widespread public mistrust in Boris Johnson’s management of the COVID-19 pandemic during his premiership. The results indicate a considerable trust deficit that may have repercussions on the former PM’s political influence and potential future political endeavours.

From I’m a Celeb to Strictly: Public verdict on politicians in Reality TV

2 min read
The return of the debate on politicians in reality TV is highlighted by Nigel Farage’s participation in I’m a Celeb. A recent YouGov survey reflects mixed public opinions on the suitability of politicians in reality TV.

Rishi Sunak packages U-turns as challenges to consensus politics – an improbable effort to rebrand as the candidate for change

5 min read
A prime minister who has been an MP for nearly a decade now wants to challenge 30 years of ‘vested interests’.

Ed Balls and George Osborne’s new podcast is essential listening – but not for the reasons they think

6 min read
In a new podcast, former chancellor George Osborne and former shadow chancellor Ed Balls have revealed how their parties collaborated on devising some of the most damaging policies of the past 20 years.

There’s no age limit for politicians − As people live longer, should that change?

5 min read
While there are minimum age requirements for people who want to hold political office in the US, there are no limits on when someone must retire.

Meet your MP — Lee Anderson

7 min read
Is there no end to MPs’ bullying, harassment, sexual misconduct, unaccountability or misbehaviour in general? How much do you actually even know about your local MPs? This is Lee Anderson, Conservative MP for Ashfield.

Minority ethnic politicians are pushing harsh immigration policies – Why representation doesn’t always mean racial justice

4 min read
The UK has more minority ethnic politicians, but they don’t always champion racial justice. Some align with conservative values and justify policies that harm immigrants and minorities. They use their own identity to dismiss racism and ignore its link to immigration.
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