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All politicians must lie from time to time, so why is there so much outrage about George Santos?

5 min read
Constituents’ willingness to overlook deception may depend, in part, on whether politicians lie well and with a good purpose.

What do politicians really think of economists?

5 min read
Since the 2008 financial crisis, politicians from a range of parties and countries have reported losing respect for experts.

Calling politicians ‘clowns’ is a disservice to clowns

5 min read
Clowns and jesters have positively contributed to society for centuries. Calling politicians ‘clowns’ is a disservice to them.

What ethical standards should we hold politicians to?

5 min read
Is a “good” politician one who is good at making dirty deals and engages in sleazy behaviour only in their personal life, or is unethical behaviour in personal life likely to translate into bad ethical character in public life?

Meet your MP — Lee Anderson

5 min read
Is there no end to MPs’ bullying, harassment, sexual misconduct, unaccountability or misbehaviour in general? How much do you actually even know about your local MPs? This is Lee Anderson, Conservative MP for Ashfield.

Meet your MP — Neil Parish

3 min read
Is there no end to MPs’ misconduct? Do you really know your local MP? This is Neil Parish.

British voters want lying politicians to face consequences.

5 min read
Does it matter to people what consequences there should be for politicians who break rules or mislead parliament? Yes, they want ministers to be kept in constant check by parliament, courts and the public at large.
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