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Five signs that you might be rightwing

6 min read
A study challenges stereotypes by identifying five traits associated with right-wing views. Beliefs about the world, genes, and environment contribute to being right-wing.

How liberal conspiracy theories can be just as destructive as their extremist counterparts

6 min read
Liberal conspiracy theories, often dismissed as fringe, can be more damaging than their counterparts. The exaggeration of antisemitism in Labour and false Trump-Russia collusion claims showcase their negative impact.

US election: How populists encourage blind mistrust – and how to push back

5 min read
Populism is surging, exemplified by Donald Trump’s strategy of undermining trust in democratic institutions. This global trend features populist leaders portraying themselves as champions of the people, making unfounded allegations of collusion, and fostering widespread distrust.

Nostalgia in politics: Pan-European study sheds light on how (and why) parties appeal to the past in their election campaigns

5 min read
Around two-thirds of Europeans feel nostalgic, and recent studies suggest that these feelings can influence political views. Parties in central and eastern Europe, particularly nationalist ones, are more likely to use nostalgic rhetoric in their manifestos.

Narcissism, immorality and lack of empathy: the dark psychology that can poison elites

5 min read
Elite groups encounter psychological challenges that can result in emotional detachment, a deficiency of self-doubt, and a feeling of entitlement. They frequently find themselves confined within echo chambers.

People experiencing news fatigue are less likely to be voters

4 min read
More and more people are saying they don’t trust the news or can’t face engaging with it – and that appears to have political implications.

Donald Trump’s truth: Why liars might sometimes be considered honest – new research

5 min read
A study highlights how belief-speaking in politics, even when detached from factual accuracy, can shape political discourse and influence public perception of honesty in politics.
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