Post Office Horizon IT Scandal
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Post Office scandal: What the lack of action tells you about Britain’s polarised politics

4 min read
The Post Office scandal, where over 700 sub-postmasters were wrongly convicted, reveals a systemic failure. Political inaction stemmed from the victims lacking a political constituency and now fuels opportunistic party warfare.

From subpostmaster to public champion: Why Alan Bates deserves a seat in the House of Lords

4 min read
A petition urges Rishi Sunak to grant Alan Bates a life peerage for his fight against Post Office injustices and impact on justice and public service reform.

The scandal of the settlement scheme for EU citizens

14 min read
Last week’s focus on the Horizon Post Office scandal prompts reflection on the ongoing EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) issues affecting EU citizens in the UK, revealing a systemic problem requiring attention.

Post Office Horizon scandal: Four reasons why the government’s model for outsourcing is broken

5 min read
The government not only outsources the computer systems to companies like Fujitsu but all knowledge about how to operate them, maintain them and fix them when they go wrong.

Mr Bates vs The Post Office depicts one of the UK’s worst miscarriages of justice: Here’s why so many victims didn’t speak out

12 min read
The Post Office Horizon IT scandal highlighted barriers to victims speaking out earlier: isolation by being told their issues were unique, local stigmatisation, limited access to information, and trust in the infallibility of the Post Office's IT system.
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