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How much income is needed to live well in the UK in 2023? At least £29,500 – much more than many households bring in

5 min read
The government should align benefit increases with inflation to provide certainty and enhance the safety net. Removing the two-child limit could lift a quarter of a million children out of poverty.

What Rishi Sunak scrapping HS2 – and promising a new ‘Network North’ – means for the north of England

6 min read
Infrastructure development in Northern England has been increasingly muddled in recent years. Few will be convinced by Rishi Sunak’s new pledge to fix this.

Poverty in Britain is firmly linked to the country’s mountain of private wealth – Labour must address this growing inequality

5 min read
The Labour Party used to radically advocate for common ownership. But as private wealth in Britain benefits from ever-greater tax breaks, anti-inequality sentiment is waning.

Homelessness in England has reached record levels

4 min read
Without state investment, strategic consideration and political support, the lessons learned since the start of the pandemic on the importance to society of a place to call home will be lost.

How austerity made the UK more vulnerable to COVID

5 min read
Evidence shows austerity has wide-ranging consequences for health.

Channel 4’s shocking Gregg Wallace: The British Miracle Meat owes much to Swift and his gruesome satire

4 min read
Channel 4’s stealthy documentary on engineering human meat from the poor parallels Swift’s suggestion that people should eat the children of Ireland’s most destitute.

The impact of shortages on food aid supply chains

5 min read
Food aid supply chains rely on a surplus of food donations, but when shortages occur, these organizations are left with difficult decisions and very few resources.
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