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How women are infantilised during obstetric care and labour

4 min read
Sexist and patronising language persists in UK obstetric care. Such language can contribute to dismissive treatment, undermining women’s perspectives and leading to interventions without consent or proper pain relief during childbirth.

Four tips for a healthy news diet in 2024

4 min read
In the new year, consider improving your news diet. Be wary of biased algorithms on social media, seek diverse viewpoints, recognise attention-seeking, share balanced sources, and beware of emotional manipulation.

‘Conversion therapy’: UK government kicks ban down the road – and there’s a major problem with what’s been proposed so far

5 min read
The UK government’s 2018 commitment to ban “conversion therapy” for LGBTQ+ individuals remains unfulfilled. A potential exemption for consent from those over 18 weakens the ban’s impact, as it may lead to coerced consent, contradicting legal standards.

Narcissism, immorality and lack of empathy: the dark psychology that can poison elites

5 min read
Elite groups encounter psychological challenges that can result in emotional detachment, a deficiency of self-doubt, and a feeling of entitlement. They frequently find themselves confined within echo chambers.

Palestinian conflict: How despair can drive people to violence, even if it puts their lives in danger

4 min read
Research explains why Palestinians experiencing despair may gamble with their own lives despite little real hope of improving things.

An Israeli novelist on being a good mother and empathetic in hard times

2 min read
Aylet Gundar-Goshen has previously said the trait she finds most irritating in others is, “indifference to others’ suffering.”

The meat paradox: How your brain wrestles with the ethics of eating animals

4 min read
Psychologists have described a ‘meat paradox’ in the minds of meat-eating animal lovers.
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