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The last white woman, Liz Truss.

3 min read
Had it been anyone but Rishi Sunak, would Liz Truss really be the frontrunner in the Conservative Leadership Contest to replace Boris Johnson?

Is race an issue that might explain why Rishi Sunak is doing so badly among Tory members?

6 min read
A difficult question for pollsters to investigate: Is race an issue for Rishi Sunak? No one says ‘yes, ethnicity is an issue for me’ when pollsters ask but Conservative party members do show an above-average opposition to diversity drives.

Survey shows British people, and especially Tory voters, feel very differently about some refugees than others.

5 min read
A heartening 70% of British voters want to allow Ukrainians into the UK but only 50% feel the same way about Afghans. And the difference is even starker among those who vote Conservative.

The corrective enlightening power of the Juneteenth holiday.

6 min read
The Juneteenth Holiday makes white nationalists and Republicans who make attempts to delete history, members of the walking-dead club.

Democracy is threatened in many ways.

4 min read
As the headlines keep bouncing us from right to left and upside down, maybe confusing us in so many ways, there are some things we need to remain focused on – our Constitutional rights.

Whiteness is at the heart of racism in Britain – so why is it portrayed as a Black problem?

5 min read
At the heart of racism is not the existence of Black people, but the active work of white institutions to maintain white supremacy. White supremacy is bigger than the sum of individual white people’s actions.

Rooting out racism in schools.

3 min read
Schools should be places in which every child feels safe and respected. But for too many children from Black and minoritised communities, that is simply not the case.
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