Richard Nixon
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Donald Trump and the ‘madman theory’ of foreign policy

5 min read
Donald Trump champions a ‘madman’ foreign policy, lauded by supporters for unpredictability. Critics label it reckless. Historical examples show such tactics often fail due to credibility erosion.

Manhattan grand jury votes to indict Donald Trump, showing he, like all other presidents, is not an imperial king

7 min read
Trump’s indictment will force Americans to grapple with the exact role of presidents – and limits of their power. Presidents have never been monarchs. If they ever act in that manner, the people have to remind them of who they are and whom they serve.

How the FBI knew what to search for at Mar-a-Lago – and why the Presidential Records Act is an essential tool for future historians.

6 min read
A presidential scholar sets the history and context for the battle over President Trump’s official records – and says it isn’t the first records battle between the government and a former president.
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