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Vladimir Putin has never understood why Ukrainians want to control their own destiny

5 min read
Ukraine’s journey from a distant democracy to the eastern edge of Western Europe, symbolised by the Euromaidan protests, underscores its distinct political culture and fervent embrace of democratic values, contrasting sharply with Russia’s authoritarianism.

Russia’s next election is likely to put Putin in power for longer than anyone since Peter the Great

5 min read
The forthcoming March election in Russia is likely to mean another victory for Vladimir Putin, who remains popular, for now, extending his rule to 30 years.

Vladimir Putin’s history war where truth is the first casualty

5 min read
The Kremlin sanctions UK historians for alleged misrepresentation of Russian history, as Putin promotes a distorted narrative rooted in a 12th-century text to suppress dissenting views on Ukraine’s historical ties.

Alexei Navalny: Reported death of Putin’s most prominent opponent spells the end of politics in Russia

7 min read
The reported death of Alexei Navalny in prison signifies the end of internal challenges to the Kremlin. Navalny’s demise marks the conclusion of Russia’s political landscape, dominated by Putin’s authoritarianism and limited dissenting voices.

Tucker Carlson’s Putin interview gave Russian leader a platform to boost his own cause – and that of Donald Trump

6 min read
Tucker Carlson, ex-Fox News host, has interviewed Vladimir Putin on Ukraine, US politics, and NATO. As a vocal critic of Biden, Carlson’s interview raises questions about humanising Putin.

Ukraine war: Corruption scandals and high-level rifts could become an existential threat as Kyiv asks for more military aid

4 min read
Ukraine faces a dual challenge: while President Zelensky’s anti-corruption efforts show progress, a scandal involving missing military supplies highlights pervasive corruption, jeopardizing both internal stability and Western support.

NATO’s biggest exercise since Cold War could poke Russian bear

3 min read
The start of 2024 witnesses escalating global threats: the ongoing conflicts in Gaza, Iran-Pakistan exchanges, China’s tensions with Taiwan, North Korea’s strategic shift, and a concerning prospect of Russia using nuclear weapons to deter NATO.
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