Rwanda Deportations
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What is rule 39? UK Government tells civil servants to ignore European Court of Human Rights on Rwanda deportations

5 min read
The UK Government faces challenges in its asylum plan to send refugees to Rwanda, amid legal debates, prompting it to instruct civil servants to ignore European Court of Human Rights’ rule 39 orders. Persistent violations risk expulsion from the Council of Europe, impacting human rights.

Rwandan homes praised by Braverman ‘won’t go to asylum seekers’

5 min read
The UK-Rwanda asylum deal, marred by legal and financial issues, raises concerns as Rwanda developers admit that Suella Braverman’s “beautiful” flats for deported asylum seekers in Rwanda have been sold to Rwandans, contradicting the former home secretary’s claims.

Mendacious narcissistic sociopaths

6 min read
While Rishi Sunak hints at delaying the next general election, countering earlier expectations, criticism grows over the PM’s narrative, including handling PPE contracts, his views on the Rwanda scheme, and underscoring accountability concerns.

More than just an election: The other key political events in 2024

4 min read
From new immigration laws to the COVID inquiry’s module on vaccines, 2024 is more than just a year to head to the polls.

How the bill to declare Rwanda a ‘safe’ country for refugees could lead to a constitutional crisis

5 min read
Rishi Sunak’s bill, deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda, passes despite right-wing Tory MPs abstaining. It challenges the Supreme Court’s ruling, sparking concerns about the government’s commitment to the rule of law and constitutional principles, possibly leading to a crisis.

Rishi Sunak’s Rwanda bill: How much trouble is the prime minister really in as MPs threaten a parliamentary rebellion?

5 min read
The potential significance for Rishi Sunak of losing the Rwanda bill vote, an unusual event, lies in its impact on immigration policy. However, winning the vote isn’t particularly noteworthy, as more challenges are anticipated, including the possibility of rebellion and amendments.

Immigration and asylum rows are another sign of Brexit’s total failure

14 min read
Brexit has not only failed to deliver on its promise of reducing immigration and controlling borders, it has also made the immigration issue worse and more difficult to manage. The government’s chaotic and ineffective immigration policies, such as the Rwanda policy, have only added to the problem.
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