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Tories testing the water over a different kind of NHS – Gordon Brown

2 min read
The suggestion put forward by Sajid Javid in the Times that NHS patients should be charged for visiting GPs or hospital emergency departments is indicative of the Conservative party’s intention to “test the water for a different kind of NHS”, according to former Labour PM Gordon Brown.

What happens – and when – in the race to replace Boris Johnson.

5 min read
Conservative MPs vote in the first round and members in the second.

Boris Johnson’s nightmare day: How to read between the lines in resignation letters from government ministers.

5 min read
There was a sense of self-aggrandisement about the resignation letters sent by Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak that led to Boris Johnson eventually resigning. Overall, there is so much material in all the letters sent to the PM that we could analyse them for years to come.

Boris Johnson: Four key insights from recent polls can help us see where the crisis is heading.

6 min read
The prime minister’s personal popularity has plummeted but the people who decide how to replace him still can’t agree on a successor.

Pass the popcorn: The Tories are in meltdown.

6 min read
Rishi Sunak, Sajid Javid and others resigning now have been complicit in Boris Johnson’s trashing the standards expected in public office. They are as bad as he is. He is their creature.

COVID numbers are spiking, yet still no public health messaging.

11 min read
The views of experts and health professionals on whether there is cause for concern as COVID case numbers are rising again, the risk of a new variant to show up, the situation in schools and long COVID.

As COVID rises again, the UK Government’s only plan is denial and distraction.

2 min read
“Brace yourselves” for rising COVID cases, the UK Government says. The scandalous failure to plan for long-term protection of lives.
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